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Cross-divisional Initiatives

  • Boys and Girls Mentoring Program (Ongoing)

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  •  Spelling Bee (January)

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  • Parent Empowerment (Ongoing)

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  • Ivy League Top College Night (April)

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  • Awards ceremony (June) 

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  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) Fair ( June)

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  • College, Career and Trade Fair (April)
Contact Natasha Eastman NEastman@schools.nyc.gov
  • School Challenge Quiz (February)

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In an effort to increase the amount of highly qualified minority educators certified in SpEd and TESOL to serve in high need areas within our Districts, QSFSC has partnered with Queens College to create a program that will recruit high school seniors to enter a four year program where they can become certified in a Sped or TESOL areas. The second target group will be undergraduate or graduate students who are interested in adding a second license to their already existing general education license.

CTE programs

Current CTE data has shown that there is a lack of CTE opportunities available for students particularly living on the peninsula of Far Rockaway. The opportunities that do exist are over prescribed and can’t meet the current demand of students. The QSFSC has been partnering with locally elected officials in efforts to fund additional CTE programs within the Rockaways that are in high demand. Recent data has shown that students who are engaged in farming programs as interns tend to be more successful in their school course work and in getting into colleges.   Hence the focus on getting students who are economically disadvantaged to engage in a farming/marketing program.

Mentoring Program

The QSFSC launched its boys mentoring program last year targeting at-risk sixth grade Black and Latino boys. The goal is to continue with the program and expand to incoming sixth graders. The overall objective is to provide students a toolkit of skills and the understanding of how to be academically successful in an environment that may be impoverished or plagued by drugs and violence. A girls’ mentoring program will also be launched this year.

School Challenge Competition

The School Challenge Competition’s objective is to increase SAT and Regents Exam scores, while simultaneously granting student teams the ability to engage in an interactive learning experience that encourages them to display their knowledge of various subjects in a competitive manner. The subjects covered during this competition will include English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. This event will help students gain knowledge about the world around them and build vocabulary. It also builds a spirit of competition, which promotes healthy and social interactions. Lastly, it builds parent engagement by having parents involved in the preparation process with their children and are partners in building a supportive environment at the event.

Parent Engagement Initiative

Our parent engagement initiative began last year and continued this year with a plan to engage more parents by training one point person in each school to provide monthly turn-key training to parents. FSC training will be done for teachers one Tuesday of the month and training for parents will be done one Tuesday of the month.

Awards Ceremony

We will continue to have our end of year awards ceremony to celebrate student performance, student perseverance (students in temporary housing); outstanding contributors of our FSC staff; guidance counsellors and social workers.

STEAM Cohort Series

This model will expand in 2018-2019 to include additional elementary, middle and high schools in collaboration with each District Superintendent during the end of the 2017-2018 school year. In 2017-18, twenty-five teacher leaders participated in the STEAM Cohort professional learning series focused on inquiry-based lessons where students participated in hands-on investigations encouraging critical thinking and problem solving. Teachers deepened their understanding of STEAM and developed lessons that were not prescriptive, allowing them to serve in a facilitator role to provide guidance, providing time to monitor the student work where multiple right answers were possible in solving a real-world problem. The series has continued to focus on a classroom environment that is risk-free in which mistakes and design failures are treated as good methods of learning, and there is a strong emphasis on process over product.  There will be at least seven professional learning sessions culminating in a third annual STEAM Share Fair by June 2019.