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Together, we will change a single story to narratives of great learning and of great success!

Queens South ELL TEAM

The ELL Department has Administrators that provide help and support to school leaders and ELL coordinators on understanding and implementing mandates. Some of the mandates include student programming, instructional and staffing requirements. They design and deliver professional learning opportunities for English as a New Language, ELL, and content-area teachers.

Pierre J. Galvez- Director of English Language Learners, Districts 27, 28, 29

Pierre Galvez is currently the Director for English Language Learners at the Queens South Field Support Center (QFSS), where he ensures the consistent and effective application of proven ENL instructional practices, citywide initiatives and NYSED mandates in Districts 27, 28 and 29.

Previously, in District 4, he served the community both at the school level, as a founding member of an ESL Middle School and at the Regional level. While at the Regional level he served as a Literacy/ESL Coach, designing professional development and mentoring teachers. He served as an ELL Network Support Specialist at the Integrated Curriculum and Instruction Learning Support Organization where he worked side by side with renowned leaders in the field of linguistics. In later years, he served as the Director of Student Services and as a mentor for teachers and administrators.

Pierre’s commitment and expertise with English as a Second Language will surely elevate the academic achievement of more than 16, 000 English Language Learners in districts 27, 28 and 29 .

Joshua Metz – ELL Services Administrator, Districts 27, 29

Joshua Metz has been an educator in New York City since 2007 when he began working as an ESL/ENL teacher in Far Rockaway, Queens. While teaching ESL, he also held multiple teacher-leadership roles including Dual Language Coordinator and Data Specialist. Before joining the Queens South ELL Team, he served as an Achievement Coach/ELL Specialist with Network 211, supporting schools in Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and the Bronx. In addition to supporting ELL instruction, he also provided professional development and ongoing guidance for school leaders and teachers around Advance, Mathematics, and RtI.

Robert Zuzzolo- ELL Services Administrator, Districts 28, 29

Robert Zuzzolo has been a teacher for 16 years. After teaching English as a Foreign Language in Japan for 3 years, he entered the NYCDOE in District 27 as a middle school English Language Arts teacher. He then moved to District 26 to teach English as a New Language for the next 11 years.

Robert has dedicated the past 10 years to be a consummate advocate of English Language Learners and their parents and is excited to be able to broaden his scope as an ELL Service Coordinator for the Queens South Field Support Center.

Marie-Antoinette F. Rousseau - Senior ELL Compliance Performance Specialist, Districts 27, 28, 29

Marie-Antoinette F. Rousseau began her career as an Elementary Common Branch Bilingual teacher in the NYC Department of Education in 1985 in District 18. While teaching Bilingual/ESL, she also held multiple teacher-leadership roles including Teacher of Gifted and Talented. Since 2003, she has planned & facilitated professional development series for a variety of districts and groups of schools/teachers on instructional practices that address the academic, linguistic and cultural needs of ELLs. Before joining the Queens South ELL Team, she most recently served as a Senior ELL Compliance and Performance Specialist for DELLSS where she collaborated with Clusters, Networks, Superintendents and QSFSC on issues related to K-12 instructional and program services for ELLs. Marie-Antoinette F. Rousseau is an enthusiastic, self-motivated educator who possesses the ability to motivate students, staff, and facilitate their learning process. She has dedicated the past 29 years to be a consummate advocate of English Language Learners.

Dimitra Galatsanos - ELL Services Administrator

Dimitra Galatsanos has been working as an English as a New Language teacher in District 28 for the past 9 years. Throughout her teaching career she has held various teacher-leadership roles, including ENL Coordinator, Teacher-Team Facilitator and STARS Classroom Programmer. As a teacher-team facilitator, she has engaged in instructional conversations, supporting teachers' successful implementation of what is learned through theory, demonstration and practice. In collaboration with her school's Professional Learning Committee, she has led Professional Learning Opportunities focusing on school-wide improvement, building teacher capacity and increasing student engagement.

Odalys Trapote-Igneri - ELL Services Administrator

Dr. Odalys Igneri worked as a teacher of Languages Other Than English (LOTE), English as a New Language (ENL) and Bilingual Science (Biology, Earth Science and Chemistry) at Far Rockaway High School (FRHS) for 15 years. She then moved on to acquire her administrators license and served as an Assistant Principal also at Far Rockaway and then continued her career as the Director of Transitional Bilingual Education Programs and Director of Science/STEM for the Department of English Language Learners and Student Support (DELLSS). In addition, at DELLSS she has also served in many other roles such as a Curriculum Specialist, the Director of Native Language Arts and the Director of Science/STEM. During her time as a central administrator, she worked developing teacher’s expertise, creating resources such as curriculum, and guidance documents, spearheading courses for both students and teachers and supporting ELL compliance monitoring.

Resources and Reminders

ELL Compliance Resources

To support schools in ensuring that they enact CR Part 154.2 with fidelity, the Division of English Language Learners & Student Support (DELLSS) has made a number of resources available on their InfoHub Page (DOE login required)

2018-19 ELL Policy & Reference Guide (EPRG)

2018-19 ELL Compliance Calendar

Multilingual Learner Parent Notification Letters

Parent Program Videos (Translated)

2018-2019 Alternative Pathways to Support Former ELLs Language and Academic Progress NEW!

ELL Identification Process Webcast

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NYSESLAT Administration: Best Practices Overview


Timeline For Administration

Administration of the speaking portion of the test, an individual oral test for each student, is scheduled for Monday, April 13, 2020–Friday, May 15, 2020.

Group administrations of the reading, writing, and listening sessions of the test are scheduled for Monday, May 4, 2020–Friday, May 15, 2020.

Instructional Resources

The New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) Instructional Leadership Framework (ILF) supports leaders in planning, organizing, and streamlining their schools’ work in order to ensure that every student in NYC experiences instruction that supports them in developing advanced literacy skills in learning environments that affirm students’ strengths and their racial and cultural identities, while developing students’ abilities to connect across cultures and think critically.

QSBO ELL Division Vimeo Channel Our Vimeo channel hosts short videos that highlight key insights and takeaways from our professional learning opportunities.

QSBO ELL Division ELL Stream Videos

The New York State Seal of Biliteracy (NYSSB)

The New York State Seal of Biliteracy (NYSSB) is a diploma endorsement awarded upon graduation, which recognizes high school graduates who have attained a high level of proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in one or more languages, in addition to English. Information for the NYSSB can be found in the NYS Seal of Biliteracy Handbook.

The New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) reports as one district to the NYSED. NYCDOE schools must follow the NYCDOE Guidelines for the NYSSB. Information of the NYCDOE guidelines are present in the _________



The ELL Team at Queens South celebrated their 2nd Annual ELL Day of Advocacy by Amplifying Multilingual Learners’ Voices. English Language Learners/ Multilingual Learners shared their personal journeys that provided insights to the assets, funds of knowledge, rich backgrounds and skills students and their families’ possess. Their collective voices continue to amplify their identities, journey of self and/or their family’s journey. As advocates of ELLs/MLLs: “Together we will change single stories to narratives of great learning and great success!”

View a video compilation of some of our ELLs as they share their personal journey - (DOE Login Required)


View a video compilation (DOE Login required)

In honor of National Poetry month, the ELL Division at the Queens South Field Support Center gathered “I Am” Poems from our English Language Learners/Multilingual Leaders. To celebrate our students’ diversity, we compiled students’ personal stories that reflect their cultural backgrounds and educational experiences, as told in their own voices through “I Am” Poems.

View a video compilation of some of our ELLs "I Am" Poem Submissions - (DOE Login Required)

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