Mission and Vision

QS NYCDOE Borough Office - Vision

“Educating the young to anticipate and solve problems that are inevitable in a continuously changing world is the primary responsibility of educational institutions.”

As a Borough Office, we are commissioned to prepare our students academically, socially and emotionally to meet or exceed their expected grade level standards of performance resulting in full preparation for college and or career, ultimately becoming competitive global citizens who are able to meet the demands of the 21st century.

QS NYCDOE Borough Office - Mission

Our team of astute academic educators are complimented by other support staff that:

    • Provide budgetary and human resources;

    • Provide guidance around selection and use of assessments to generate high quality quantitative and qualitative data;

    • Ensure that State and City requirements are fully met for graduation from the Secondary schools;

    • Ensure that all students with learning disabilities and students who are learning English as a new language are fully supported to succeed;

    • Help schools to create and sustain conditions that support the development of the social and emotional aspects of every student’s life;

    • Help schools to develop and enhance the capacities of staff to meet or exceed their content and pedagogical performance level;

    • Ensure that students and teachers are being prepared to compete in a highly technologically developing society;

    • Encourage and work with parents to become active partners in their children’s learning.

    • Our team in collaboration with Central-based staff, Superintendents, Community-Based Organizations, and Higher Institutions of Learning is well-positioned to provide the support to schools that will ensure steady growth in teacher and student performance.